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Shocking Report: Liverpool Match Resulted In 41 Deaths of Corona

An analytical report by the British Ministry of Health revealed a “catastrophic” result from the Liverpool match against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League.

The Ministry’s analysis said that the match between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid, which was held at Anfield stadium, last March, resulted in the death of 41 people with the new Coronavirus.

Liverpool hosted its counterpart Atletico Madrid at Anfield stadium, on March 11, in a confrontation attended by more than 3,000 Spanish fans, who came from the capital Madrid, which contributed to the outbreak of the virus significantly, according to reports.

The decisive match was the last game played on the English stadiums, before the announcement of football matches on the English lands had stopped.

A health ministry report said the match had resulted in the death of 41 people, between 25 and 35 days after its end.

Madrid mayor Jose Luis Martínez Almeida admitted last month that the match was a “fatal mistake”.

“It never made sense that 3,000 fans of Atletico Madrid would be allowed to travel to Liverpool,” said Almeida. He added: “It was a huge mistake.”

Organizers of the match said they followed the clear instructions of the British government, which did not prevent the holding of sporting events at the time.


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