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Strange Protest Against the Referee of the Bundesliga

Headquarters of the Bundesliga

The German Football Federation (DFB) headquarters received hundreds of cornflakes in a unique public protest against a possible third-player penalty in the Bundesliga.

About 700 packages containing more than 1,000 boxes of cornflakes were sent to Union headquarters on Wednesday, the German Football Association said in a statement on its official Twitter account.

The move came in the wake of the Bundesliga’s investigation against Kaiserslautern’s Jan Löhmannsröben, who appeared furious in an interview after his 1-1 draw with Zwickau when he felt he had been unfairly treated by the referee.


Löhmannsröben said the referee was supposed to make a tough decision after the player was hit by an elbow before Zvikau equalized from a penalty in the wasted time.

“If this is a judgment, I do not know, he has to go and prepare the corn chips,” Löhmannsröben said angrily.

The player later apologized for his speech, but as soon as the German Football Association announced the investigation into the incident, a fan of Kaiserslautern invented the idea of sending the corn flakes to the headquarters of the Football Association.

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