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Surprise .. Ronaldo from African Descent!

Ronaldo is of African origin

A report on the origins of Juventus’s new star, Cristiano Ronaldo, revealed that Ronaldo is descended from one of his African grandmothers from Cape Verde, West Africa, which was colonized by Portugal in the 15th century.

Sky Sport has published a report detailing the African origins of the Golden Globe five times, which partly explains Ronaldo’s muscle strength, and returns to his grandmother, Isabelle Rosa of Cape Verde.

“I followed the footsteps of Ronaldo’s childhood and talked with his friends in the city of Madeira, in his poor neighborhood, where he grew up without any emotions, from a father,” he told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. Addicted to alcohol, which explains his lack of love, so Ronaldo saw in Sir Alex Ferguson and Georges Mendes father figure that was missing him.

The Don is competing for the FIFA World Player of the Year award, along with Egypt’s Mohamed Salah and Liverpool’s Luka Modric. The trio also competes for the European Player of the Year award The Croatian Star.


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