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Mohamed Salah


Television Broadcasts Networks Put “Premier League” Clubs in Trouble!

The return of the English Premier League competition has become the closest scenario to occur, and this was confirmed by the British government at the meeting held on Monday, which gave the green light for the resumption of sports activities as of the first of next June, after stopping for two months due to the outbreak of the new Coronavirus.

The “Premier League” association is still preparing the appropriate protocol to complete the remaining 92 matches of the league this season, and if there is an agreement to play it behind closed doors and this is normal due to the continued spread of this epidemic, there is a great clash between some clubs and football officials to resume the season on Neutral stadiums.

This will not be the only reason that might hinder or delay the resumption of the activities of the English Premier League, but there are signs of a major crisis between the clubs “Premier League” and television broadcasting networks that own the rights of this competition, which may receive huge compensation due to this prevailing situation.

According to the British newspaper “Telegraph”, officials of the channels that own the rights to broadcast the English Premier League, such as “Sky Sports” and “Pet Sport” in addition to other international channels, have held a meeting recently that may have serious consequences for the “Premier League” teams, where they can Obtaining an amount of up to 350 million pounds (400 million euros) from the clubs, if the remaining 92 matches are completed behind closed doors and in neutral courts.



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