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The British Geraint Thomas Ignores the Booing in Tour de France

the british Geraint Thomas

Geraint Thomas said that the crowd’s booing did not affect him during his participation in the Tour de France, after a comfortable end to stage 13 of the race.

The Sky team reiterated its demand for the public to let the contestants continue the race safely.

“I heard some booing at the start of the stage but I ignored it,” said Thomas, the race’s leading yellow shirt, who outperforms fellow teammate Chris Fromm 1 minute 39 seconds.

“I told myself if it was just a statement, it was okay as long as it did not affect the race.”

“I prefer to be on the podium and hear the booing of the audience, to be on the bus and to get encouragement from them.”

Geraint Thomas won the 12th stage, which ended at the top of the Baldwin, on Thursday, to strengthen the leadership of the overall arrangement as the team seeks to finish the race in Paris, finishing first and second.

Skye is not popular in France and re-dominates the race after winning five of the last six titles to recall the story of American Lance Armstrong, who dominated the title with USPostal early this millennium, before being stripped of his seven titles because of Steroids.

France’s four-time Forum is a major target of the French public’s booing after he was acquitted of any doping offences days before the start of the race.

Frenchman Roman Bardet, who is in fifth place in the overall standings three minutes and seven seconds behind, said the race was popular and should stay that way.

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