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The Countdown for The “Republic of Turkey” bicycles Race

Lovers of cycling on a date with the launch of the Turkish Presidency International cycling race on the 9th of October.

With the start of the countdown to the launch of the fifty-fourth edition of the annual championship, which is of great interest both inside and outside Turkey, the cyclist Association has announced the race events program.

The program shows that the tournament will kick off for the first time from the city of Konya in the center of the country on October 9th, then the riders will go south towards the Mediterranean coast, and from there to the Aegean region west of the country.

The Turkish cyclist team will participate in the six-stage tournament and will see a competition among 20 countries participating in the competition.

The contestants will face a major challenge in phase IV, with BulBul Mountain scheduled to climb in the Selcuk region of the western state of Izmir.

The last stage will see the movement of riders between Bursa and Istanbul, the capitals of the Ottoman Empire.

On their way to the end point in Istanbul, the contestants will pass through the Osman Gazi Bridge, the fourth longest suspended bridge in the world, linking the state of Kocaeli Province and Yaloh.

They will also go beyond the Bosphorus Strait through the Eurasian tunnel, which connects the Asian and European sides.

More than 120 countries are expected to provide media coverage for all stages of the 950-kilometer-long race.

The Turkish cycling race has been going since 1966, and the first version was in 1965.

In August 2016, the International Cycling Federation decided to include the race, on its calendar of the world tour of bicycles competitions from 2017 onwards.

The race, sponsored by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, is the only intercontinental in the world.


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