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The Former Star Of Morocco Is Paying For His Defense Mehrez

The distortion of the statements of the Algerian star, Riyad Mahrez, continues to cast a shadow on the Moroccan football scene, to become the former international, Abdeslam Ouaddou, in the eye of the hurricane, after he defended the Manchester City player in a tweet posted on his official account, “Twitter”.

The star of the “Atlas Lions” team was subjected to a harsh attack led by a minority of the Moroccan fans, because of its clarification of Mahrez’s words, which made him defend himself with another tweet in which he said: “Please, I am a peaceful person, I defend humanity, and I love my country so much.”

He added: “Stop insulting me through messages and do not depict me as other than my true personality, for I am not like that and I do not wish to be a malevolent person.”

The former defender of Lekhwiya received many criticisms, after his defense of Mahrez, and critics considered that his words came after receiving the opportunity to receive his training as a coach, with the technical staff of Algeria, where he will be under the supervision of Jamal Belmadi, who before joining his crew.

Abdeslam Ouaddou did not hide his great disappointment when he lived in the last days, and he continued his words: “The question that I ask, do you care about the Moroccan coach in his country? Thank you to Algeria.”

It is expected that Ouaddou’s statements will increase the severity of his criticism, especially since his speech came at a sensitive time, even though Mehrez’s statements did not contain any harm, but its distortion created problems between two groups of fans.

Ouaddou posted on his personal account a set of electronic messages, in which he addressed the technical director of the Moroccan team, without receiving a response, after his desire to obtain the opportunity to train in his country, which affected him a lot.


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