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The Schumacher Family Reveals the Truth

Michael Schumacher

A spokeswoman for the family of Formula One legend Michael Schumacher has refuted the intention to move the former world champion seven times from Switzerland to Mallorca, Spain.

This comes as a response to some rumors from the Swiss magazine “Lillostre”, which reported that Schumacher will leave his house near Lake Leman, to the town of Andratch on the island Mallorca where his wife Corina bought, “Villa” of the president of Real Madrid Florentino Perez for 30 million euros.” the magazine said

The magazine, on its cover, published the image of the villa, with a big title about Schumacher transfer, which was based on a statement by the mayor of “Andratx “, “I can assure you officially that Michael Schumacher will settle in our town and everything here is on the way to getting him” the mayor said

but in return even the mayor of Andratx town denied this, speaking of” misunderstanding. ”

The world champion and former Ferrari star have been treated for a long time after a serious accident at the French station Mireille, which was put in a coma for six months before being transferred from a hospital in Grenoble to his home in Glenn, Amid severe reticence from his family about his health since then.

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