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The World Cup Enriches Russian Economy by 14 Billion Dollars

The world cup 2018

Alexey Sorokin, chairman of the organizing committee for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, said that the event helped pump 952 billion rubles (12.5 billion euros or 14 billion dollars) into the national economy.

Sorokin spoke at a conference held in Doha, Qatar, which hosts World Cup 2022, that the results of the report constituted a pleasant surprise for the organizer’s thanks to the great economic exploits that returned to the host country of the world’s most important event, according to French media.

Sorokin noted that the impact of the World Cup on Russia’s GDP between 2013 and 2018 was 952 billion rubles (14.5 billion dollars). This figure was equivalent to 1.1% of GDP, and the tournament created 315 thousand jobs annually in Russia and will continue to have an impact on the economy over the next five years.

The World Cup was a powerful boost for the Russian economy, which is not going well, so that the benefits of the World Cup extend to the country’s economy, according to the report presented by Sorokin.

Alexey Sorokin, is the President of the Russian Higher Committee organizing the World Cup, which dealt with the economic, social and environmental repercussions of the World Cup on the Russian economy.

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