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To Get Rid Of Him .. Barcelona Reduces The Price of Dembele

It seems that the Barcelona club wants to get rid of the big expenses of some of the stars, who were a disappointment for the club after they paid hundreds of millions to get their services.

After the disappointment caused by the purchase of Phillipe Coutinho from Liverpool, Barcelona quickly loaned him and went to the Bayern Munich team, who recently stated that he would not activate the purchase of the Brazilian player.

Now, it seems that the Catalan club is ready to sacrifice another player, and at a low price of 37 million pounds, after he managed to get his services from Borussia Dortmund club for about 137 million pounds.

During his stay in Barcelona, ​​Ousmane Dembele struggled to settle in the club since he moved from Borussia Dortmund 3 years ago, with a weekly salary of 200,000 pounds.

However, injuries hindered his career in Spain, and he has participated in this season in only 5 games for Barcelona, and his career in the Catalan club included only 74 games, according to the British newspaper Mirror.

Now Barcelona is ready to cut its losses and get rid of Dembele at an affordable price, at a time when most clubs feel the impact of the devastating new Coronavirus.

The Spanish club hopes that the price of 37 million pounds will attract many clubs, despite the nature of Dembele exposed to injury, as he suffers from a recurrent problem in the hamstrings, knowing that Paris Saint Germain seems interested in obtaining his services as stated by “Sport” Sports and football news, as well as some Italian and Chinese clubs interested in obtaining the services of the French player.


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