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Turkey Organizes the First Motocross Championship

The State of Opium Karh Hessar organized the opening ceremony of the 18th International Motocross Championship on Sunday, in the presence of a wide range of athletes from turkey and abroad.

The President of the International Federation of Motorbikes in Europe, Wolfgang Sereb, pleased to enter Turkey in the list of host countries for the MotoCross championship.

“Since we came here, I’ve seen everything perfect and above expectations, and I think the tournaments will be good and with a long breath,” he said at the ceremony.

For his part, President of the Turkish Motorcycle Federation, Bakr Younis Ogar, is proud of his country for the championship.

Turkish rider Kanan Sofuoğlu, five-time world champion in the Super Sports Championship, is happy to host a world-class motocross championship.

Sopoğlu conveys the gratitude of the participating riders to the racetrack, and In the 18th stage, 80 riders and the world’s leading Moto companies will participate.

The most popular sports channels, including Eurosport, BN Sports, Fox Sport, and CBS Sports, will be broadcast live with 1.4 billion viewers.

The event will cover nearly 100 journalists, and about 5,000 foreign fans are expected to attend the opium of Qara Hassar to watch the competitions.

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