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A.C Rome player Francesco Tutti


Tutti Reveals Exciting Secrets About Prison and Monks

The legend of the Italian team and the leader of the club of Rome, Francesco Tutti, spoke about the biography that is approaching its release, as it will reveal situations that he was exposed to because of fame, obtained through football.

Francesco Tutti revealed excerpts from the book, in remarks to the Italian radio “Rai “, including his visit to a group of players from Rome and Lazio, to the prison “Rebibbia“, as well as help a monk to escape from the fans.

“There was a table for us to sign autographs, and there was a prisoner screaming to take a picture with me, but I didn’t realize why he was tenacity,” Tutti said.

Tutti explained that he later discovered that the prisoner request for an extra week in the prison “Rebibbia” behind bars, just to see the Italian football star, despite being released by the Italian authorities, as the prisoner told the prison officials that if they took him out of prison, he would do something crazy to Get back.

In the monk’s situation, Francesco Tutti pointed to having dinner at a restaurant, as there were many fans of Rome, but he found no way to escape them, but to climb the wall of the restaurant to cross to the other side, where there were a number of monks in a monastery.

The legend of the Club of Rome, after jumping in the monastery to escape the fans, discovered a monk carrying a lamp in the darkness, to lend him a helping hand, and get him out of the place, but he asked to take a picture with him before he was gone!

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