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Mike Tyson


Tyson Returns To Boxing Tracks

It seems that retired American superstar Mike Tyson is planning to return to the boxing tracks again, After the former heavyweight king shared a video, across social media, he is training hard.

The 53-year-old boxer raised the enthusiasm of fans for a possible return to the ring 15 years after his gloves were suspended in 2005.

The video, “Iron Man”, showed that he had not lost his speed and tremendous power, which made him one of the most heavyweight stars, and said he was ready to compete in contests whose proceeds go to charity this year.

Tyson said via “Instagram”: “I train vigorously to return to the arenas, I would like to participate in some spectacular showdowns, I hope to return to the training halls”

He continued, “For two hours I do cardio exercises, I go on a bike and a treadmill for an hour, then I do some light weights. Then I start my day with some boxing, and I work for 30 or 25 minutes.
ty trips consisting of 3 or 4 rounds.”

And when American Evander Holyfield, the four-time World Heavyweight Champion, was asked if he was ready to face Tyson again, He said in a press statement: “I think so, there are a lot of things that I’ve done with Mike, obviously people like seeing the best two heavyweights. And some of them didn’t even get a chance to see Mike. I will not ask anyone to do anything he does not want to do. But this is for charity. If we can do something for everyone, it is a win-win situation. ”

The competition between Holyfield and Tyson peaked in 1997, when the last star, born in Brooklyn, cut off part of the ear of the former weight champion during a fight. Nevertheless, Holyfield appears ready to return to meet Tyson again.

“Mike Tyson is back and better than ever at 53. “


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