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“UEFA” is Preparing to Launch a Third Tournament in Europe


The UEFA is preparing to launch a third tournament played by clubs in the old continent, to add to the Champions League and European Championships in the coming years.

“The executive committee of the European Union still needs to give us the green light to launch the new tournament,” said Andrea Anniele, president of the European Clubs Association and Juventus.

“From the 2021/2022 season, the number of teams will reach 96,” Andrea Aniele said. “The number of European clubs, some of which are participating in the Champions League and the European Championships, will be increasing.

Aniele concluded, saying: “A detailed assessment of the current international matches is required before a new model is submitted after 2024, and the current model needs to be updated,”

Aniele denied that the Champions League would be affected if UEFA approved the new competition, but pointed to the amendment to the European league, as the number of participating teams will fall from 48 to 32 clubs only.


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