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Sebastian Vettel vs Louis Hamilton


Vettel Sticks to the Hope of Winning Formula One

The German Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel confirmed that he did not lose hope by winning his fifth title in the F1 World Championships despite the 50-point difference that separates him from the British driver of Mercedes Louis Hamilton after the final victory of the Grand Prix under the «Team orders» On the account of his colleague Finnish Valtieri Potash.

Hamilton took a big step towards keeping the title for the fifth time, After winning at the Sochi circuit in the 16th stage of the tournament (out of 21 races) on Sunday.²

The tournament enters the last five stages and Hamilton a 50-point leader, making Vettel’s mission very difficult. However, the German crowned four times the title from 2010 to 2013 with his former team Red Bull, stressed that he did not lose hope despite the superiority of the British and won five races of the last six races.

“I deal with each race separately,” Vettel said. Obviously, things will not be easy if we lose points, but I still believe in our chances. Yes, it is diminishing, but no one knows how things can change. ”

The Ferrari driver felt that «it does not take Hamilton to finish the race once, and ideally to get it twice! (The winner gets 25 points), and then everything will look different. I do not wish this to Lewis, but no one knows what can happen, and therefore we have to be at the top of our bidding, which is happening this weekend. ”

“We must ensure that, from our current position, we focus on winning the latest races,” he said.

Vettel, who was the third in Sochi, was optimistic about the performance of a Ferrari in the Russian race when he was chasing Hamilton and Bottas, saying:

“Things are not entirely related to us. We need to get something, but we have to be careful that we are always there to take advantage of any stumble for Hamilton… I still think that if we win the next few races, we’ll put them under a lot of pressure. ”

“It’s not easy, but I think we still have a good chance.”

In the Mercedes camp, the Austrian director of the German team Toto Wolff confirmed that he was the decision-holder who forced Bottas to allow Hamilton to bypass it and paved the way for the British to win and widen the difference from Vettel.

“Someone has to be a villain sometimes, and this time I was,” wondering, “Am I the villain this time because of a lot of good reasons, or am I the idiot at the end of the season’s Abu Dhabi race?”

“I’d rather be the villain now than be stupid at the end of the year,” he added.

After looking for a fourth consecutive victory in Russia, Bottas, who started from the top spot, held the decision of the team to ensure that his driver kept the title, allowing him to advance and win in the end.

On the other hand, the magazine Auto Sport specialized in motorsports yesterday revealed that the World Championship of Formula 1 is currently studying the possibility of changing the system of official experiments held the day before the race.

According to the magazine, the organizers are looking forward to making adjustments to these experiments by including a new phase.

The current practice is to divide the trials into three phases (Q-1-Q-2-Q-3), where in the first phase, the five slower cars are going out and in the second phase, five other drivers leave.

The fastest pace for the final stage during which they wrestle to win the first starting position in the race.
But the new system will break down four drivers at each stage, leaving eight for the “Q-4” stage.

With the inclusion of this phase, the time allocated to the three main phases is reduced. At present, the Q-1 phase extends to 18 minutes, while the Q-2 and Q-3 phases extend to 15 and 12 minutes respectively.

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