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Cori Gauff


Video: 15-Year-Old Cori Gauff Defeats Williams at Wimbledon

Has she won? The most important question for everyone at “All England lawn Club” was when they looked at the scoreboard at the Wimbledon tennis court to make sure if the dream of Cori Gauff continued.

Among crowd chants and sunsets in southwest London, the organizers added another name to the fourth round, after Gauff beat Slovenia’s Polona Hercog 3-6, 7-6, 7-5.

The 15-year-old has recovered from a setback and saved the winning point to the fourth round, in the most famous yellow ball tournament.


Without a doubt, the tournament witnessed the birth of a new strong player. Perhaps since the emergence of the star Björn Borg late seventies of the last century did not affect any player this way in the masses of the oldest and most prestigious championships.

“It’s crazy,” Gauff said. “It’s crazy to know how life can change in a moment!”

Cori Gauff, who has become the youngest player to qualify for Wimbledon since she converted to professionalism just over half a century ago,

Defeated the five-time winner Venus Williams in the first round and made the main pitch at Wimbledon her own.


“I remember before Venus Williams came out of the training grounds and I watched the fans waiting for her outside. One of the children asked for a picture. Then the next day after my win over Venus, everyone was shouting in my name.” Gauff refuses to anticipate events, regardless of how fast things are going.

and added, “I feel I can change my world for the better”.

“I’m trying not to overthink my future … I think if I thought about it, I’d keep busy about it. I always hear: you’ll do it someday or it will happen someday … if I felt comfortable now, it will never happen in the future.”

Gauff qualified to face seventh-seeded in the championship and the first seeded in the world Simona Halep on Monday.

“I do not know how it will feel when I play against her but I know her style well from just watching it, She is a different player from the players I have faced. They are all different in some way .. so I think every game is different. But I do not think anything will change for me because it’s classified. ” Gauff said about Halep.


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