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War from “Ultras” over the “Bundesliga”

The Ultras groups announced in the Bundesliga competitions the continuation of their war against the German Football Association, as they pointed to the continuation of protests in the stands, and it may reach the suspension of matches, as happened, last week, in some matches, especially what Bayern Munich and Hoffenheim fans did, When the fans of the “Bavarian” club raised banners against billionaire owner Dietmar Hopp and his mother.

In this context, “Ultras” groups in German football, announced in an official statement published on social media: “We will stop the games again.” This statement is a strong response to all criticism of the “Ultras” groups last week, when referees were forced to stop the matches of Bayern Munich and Hoffenheim and Union Berlin against the Wolfsburg team, because of the raising of banners in the stands insulting President Hopp.

Why hopp?
President Dietmar Hopp has recently been under fire from many German football fans, who consider his possession of 50% of the Hoffenheim team in violation of club laws in Germany. He is the man who invested millions to advance the Hoffenheim team and contributed significantly to the team’s rise from the sixth degree to the “Bundesliga”.

The spark that sparked the war between the masses and the German federation, and increased the protests against the latter and a hopp, was the federation’s decision, about three weeks ago, to prevent Borussia Dortmund fans from attending their team’s matches at the Hoffenheim stadium for two seasons, against the backdrop of lifting banners denouncing the flames, and imposing a fine On the club worth 50 thousand euros.

The ULTRAS groups consider the conflict as an “ideological” one. These groups categorically reject the ownership of the big clubs, who head German clubs, a large percentage reaching 50%. Like Red Bull clubs, President Hopp has become the number one enemy for the German fans.

To further understand the issue, it is possible to build on the words of Holger Kaye, the representative of “Ultras” of the Anion Berlin team, who said in comments published on social media: “Some in Germany find it good that someone, with unlimited financial resources, buy “A team in the Bundesliga, but the fans don’t find it well, that’s the root of the problem. These clubs don’t play as well as other clubs.”

An objection to the “Bundesliga” association,

Although the Bundesliga Bundesliga is going in the same direction as the Ultras groups, especially since it adopted a famous decision prohibiting anyone from owning the overwhelming majority of the shares of a German team (50 + 1), which it announced in 1998, it dealt with The decision in a controversial way recently.

Fearful of losing a lot of the income of the German League championship, the League resorted to placing a new clause in the law it issued in 1998, where an exceptional clause was added allowing the investor to own the majority of shares in any German team in one case, which is the continued financing of the club from one investor for a period of 20 At least a year.

The VfL Wolfsburg and Bayern Leverkusen teams come to the fore, which, since their inception, have been owned by Wolfsburg and Bayer chemical products. Hence, Hopp followed the same principle and according to the exceptional clause, which allowed him to get half of the Hoffenheim team’s shares.

However, proponents of traditional laws, especially the “Ultras” groups, reject this principle and record their repeated objections to the German Football Association, as these groups consider that the German League is not an investment company to earn a material profit, but rather as a social, cultural and sports activity.

The power of general assemblies
Club members have the right to vote in general assemblies and participate in management. Bayern Munich has at least 293,000 members, and Borussia Dortmund and Schalke have at least 155,000 members each. “Fans in Hoffenheim and Leipzig have no authority in co-management,” the member of a national fan organization, Michael Gabriel, explained, while it is the fans that light the stadiums and make the Bundesliga a truly popular championship.

On the other hand, Zig who is also active in the “Ultras” onion Berlin, considered that “the problem is fundamental,” noting that “the authorities see the fans only as spectators, do not recognize that they are a key party in football and also wish to participate in decisions.”

“The authorities, the association, and the federation have to find a way out of the crisis by the clubs that need their fans, At a time, CEO of Augsburg Team Stefan Reuter stressed that “the suspension of matches and collective punishment cannot be a solution. We need a fair dialogue, in which all parties are responsible.”

In the end, the Ultras groups do not seem ready to back down, in which they accused the German Confederation of having shown its true face by announcing collective sanctions to protect billionaire hopp, and considered it a matter of attacking the culture and values ​​of the fans that they have been following for many years.


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