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Watch: A Wrestler Almost kill his Opponent with a Brick of Construction

The wrestler Demonio stunned the crowd with Non-athletic behavior during a clash against the Puerto Rican wrestler Cuervo in Mexico City. A behavior that sparked controversy on social media and was classified as one of the violent shots in free wrestling.

During the confrontation, the wrestler Cuervo came out of the ring and tried to hit the competitor with an iron chair in front of the ring ropes. And Demonio went out and brought brick and put it in the ring in front of the eyes of the referee and the crowd following the confrontation from the stands.

At a time when Cuervo was away from his rival in the other direction, Demonio surprised everyone and threw the brick hard on the head of Cuervo, who fell to the floor without moving, to wake up then with the help of the rulers and some officials abroad and transferred directly to the hospital.

According to press reports, the wrestler was subjected to skull fracture and hemorrhage, requiring surgery to remove the blood, repair the fracture and enter into intensive care. After that, the page “Cuervo” on Facebook published a statement announcing the success of the operation and that the wrestler will spend some time at home to recover.


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