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why tennis players scream


Why do Tennis Players Shout During Matches?

Tennis is one of the most popular games in the world of sports, and with the continued presence of stars who have impressed the fans of the game over the years, the game has attracted fans more.

Each tennis player has a special way to live the atmosphere of the games he is playing, They live in silence, while others do not hesitate to interact with each front or back, especially through “screaming”.

Some may wonder why tennis players are screaming as a tradition that is more prevalent in the players than in the male players. Women are more active than men in shouting until they are almost out of tennis. But, why do some need to”

Canadian study: yelling increases the reaction time of the opponent by 33 “milliseconds”

“The release of such cries? What is its scientific interpretation?

Why are they screaming?

When competition with opponents is tougher in tennis, it becomes harder for players to control their screams. Their voices rise from time to time, culminating in either hitting a ball or preparing for a strike because they consider it to dominate their opponents and gain confidence.

In fact, several reasons can be given to tennis players. For some, it is simply to relieve stress by prolonging the movement. For others, it is a way to show one’s control and impose its own rules and control the game. Therefore, screaming is very important for tennis professionals. “It is a physiological integration that increases stability and strength and helps to relax and get rid of tension during the game and the subconscious sense of approaching the win on the ground,” said Louise Ellis, sports and psychological adviser to the Olympic Committee. Discount. ”

According to a Canadian study carried on the site of the French tennis club “TC Weatherhouse,” the scream increases the reaction time of the opponent by 33 milliseconds “, may seem short but the consequences are terrible, especially when the opponent finds himself deprived of time to think about his reaction It is likely to make a bad decision. In addition, shouting can distract the opponent and make him concentrate on the sounds rather than playing, and may sometimes find himself unable to repel the ball.

The strong motivational shouts help tennis professionals increase the strength and speed of the ball. Scientists at the University of Nebraska have indicated that the speed of the ball in the transmission blow is 3.8 percent higher than that of a player who is not used to triggering the chirps.

In martial arts, shouting is usually called when a strike is launched, a way to release all the energy stored by the player so that the shot is stronger and more effective, so in tennis work

“Trainers teach young players and young men to breathe hard when they hit or send, which makes the players relax so that they can later make a successful sending because breathing in a strong way naturally leads to screaming,” said professional tennis coach Sheron Hurt. That yelling or groaning is not artificial behavior by the players but is the behavior since childhood associated with any professional player is also a behavior to expel ideas that may distract their attention.

It is also common for yelling not only for tennis players, but also for several games that two of the most famous players, the world’s top seed Rafael Nadal and the world number two Roger Federer, pay with every send during their meetings in tennis tournaments , All the energy stored by them, through the strong breathing that results from the screams and cries we hear, as many specialists in the analysis of sports voices of tennis players, animal cries of strength.

As tennis studies have shown, the sounds of tennis players can be a great help for them to distract and annoy their opponents, and to vent their anger if they fall back on the results of the meetings, but if the cry does not occur naturally and thoughtfully, it is possible To lose focus in the tournaments they play, so professionals advise tennis professionals not to exaggerate the shouting and focus on the game only.

Months of votes on tennis courts

American tennis player Monica Seles is the world’s first player to shout out during the tennis games in the 1990s. Since then, screaming and wailing has become a tradition for most young and young tennis players from Selich’s fans,

The American player Venus Williams, who said during Roland Garros in 2005 that since the age of ten years of age Seles, as a way to scream in tennis courts.

Many tennis stars joined the American school of Monica Seles in their games with their competitors, such as Belarusian Victoria Azarenka, Italian Sara Irani, American sisters Williams and former world number one Maria Sharapova.

Maria Sharapova, a 31-year-old Russian star, has a record of shouting during her games when she screamed 101.2 decibels at the Wimbledon Open in 2005.

Russian Maria Sharapova was the only one to have a strong cry, especially since 25-year-old Michelle Larcher, the third-ranked former world champion, also has a strong cry, trying to distract her competitors from world championships.


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