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Why Pep Guardiola in Catalonia Prison?

Pep Guardiola in catalonia prison

Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, known for his political positions that support the independence of Catalonia from Spain, and his exploitation of any opportunity to express his support for Catalonian, and insists on his position, regardless of the penalties and fines, so can he end up in prison?

Guardiola surprised everyone by his presence in the Adonares prison in Catalonia, taking advantage of the international stopover period, but not as a prisoner, he only visits political prisoners arrested in demonstrations supporting the independence of Catalonia.

The former Barcelona and Bayern Munich coach not only visited the prisoners but gave a lecture in front of them, with a welcome from the prison administration. He was the most vocal supporter of the Catalan cause and the most prominent promoter of the world.

Guardiola has already been fined from the English Premier League £ 22,500 for wearing a yellow badge to express his support for the prisoners in Catalonia. He said after that he does not regret his position and will repeat his behavior whenever the opportunity is available without being penalized.

The Spanish coach Pep Guardiola also spoke in the lecture about football and freedom of opinion and attended a party on the sidelines of the visit within the recreational activities of prisoners.


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