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president of the European Athletics Federation


Wide Success for the European Athletics Championships

Sven Arnie Hansen, president of the European Athletics Federation, praised the German organizers of the European Athletics Championship and said the multi-sport continental event was a strong start.

“Thank you Berlin, certainly you have organized the best European Games,” Hansen told reporters before the final Olympic Games.

“We want the same system in the second edition of the tournament, in 2022, and we will start working for it starting from Monday.”

Berlin hosted the athletics event, the multi-sports opening tournament, while Glasgow City hosted six other sports: swimming, cycling, gymnastics, triathlon, golf, and kayaking.

More than half a million people attended the tournament in Berlin, with 360,000 fans following the Olympics and 150,000 spectators in the city center, which hosted the marathon and marathon competitions, said Frank Kowalski, chief executive of the organizing committee. Where most of the celebrations of victories, as part of an innovative concept.

“We have mobilized more than half a million people for our sport, and this has exceeded our expectations. We do not want to change athletics. We need a professional presentation and a compressed schedule.”

Stephan Curtin, of the European Broadcasting Union, said the ratings won by television follow-up exceeded expectations.

“The viewers accepted it, the concepts changed and showed what we could do,” he said. “We want to move forward and make cities queued.”

“We are very satisfied, and we can say that Berlin has done great work for the city and for athletics in Europe,” said Clements Prokop, chairman of the organizing committee.

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