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Does FIFA Hide the Exclusion Plot After Morocco Reaches the Voting Stage?

morocco 2026

Above the average “Morocco 2026”, entering the competition for the 2026 World Cup in the face of Mexico, America and Canada, he passed the “doubt” stage to hit June 13, Excitement and suspense,

After the Committee of the “Task Force” of the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA), “The evaluation of the filing candidate Morocco to host the wedding was positive, which qualifies him to the stage of voting.”

The Football national federations of Fifa will vote at the General Assembly meeting in Moscow on June 13, one day before the opening of the 2018 World Cup.

The voting process will organise by a vote of participation of the member states of the International Federation. Of the 211 members, Members of the majority,

As Morocco will try to find 104 votes, will be enough to have the honour of organizing the World Cup in 2026.

Morocco 2026

Morocco 2026

The Task Force has revealed the details of its evaluation of the candidates for the World Cup 2026, where the Moroccan file was awarded 2.3 / 5 for the facilities and stadiums, while the file triangular 4.1 / 5.

On the internet and broadcasting side, FIFA was awarded to Morocco 3.5 / 5, while the American file obtained a 4/5 point. Regarding transport services, FIFA gave Morocco a mediocre score of 2.1/5 while the American file awarded 4.3 / 5.

The Moroccan file surpassed the US counterpart on the cost side, as FIFA was awarded to Morocco 2026 3/5, while FIFA gave the American file 2/5.

In the context, the sports analyst Moncef El Yazghi admitted that “Morocco’s potential remains modest in the face of the US file,

which received a high rate of 4/5, as the gross domestic product of the United States of America, Canada and Mexico is 200 times more than the gross domestic product of Morocco” That “the difference is huge, and everyone believed that the Moroccan file would not go away in this race.”

Regarding the possibility of the dotting of the Task Force on the chances of Morocco to embrace the World Cup,

The sports analyst said in a statement to TheBuzzSports that “the Moroccan file was explicit from the beginning,

Noting that his obligations about infrastructure will be ready to the limits of 2026, As for the American file, which, despite its strength, admits some difficulties. ”

“The Task Force report showed that Morocco was able to win the confidence of FIFA, at a time when everyone was expecting a failure to reach this station,” he said.

The same analyst wondered whether the passage of Morocco to the stage of voting is due to the discharge of FIFA, which if Morocco ousted at this stage will appear contrary to the principle of transparency and governance,

Considering that “the loss of Morocco is strongly contained, and FIFA is trying not to raise this matter and keep it to the limits of the day June 13 date of the start of the voting process, to send a message that it depends on the principle of transparency and does not find anyone, “as he put it.

“The FIFA executive office still retains the power to exclude one of the files it deems unfit to cross to the voting stage,” he said. Everything is possible and the possibility of Morocco being excluded remains on the table even before June 13. ”

“There are some countries will start in the selection of the country that will be honoured to organise the World Cup on the points of the Task Force, including Germany, which confirmed that” will support the file, which will receive high punctuation, which takes into account the standards of the ICRC,

“While some countries have already announced their support to Morocco by links to Historical, cultural and economic, which it gathers in these countries, and the next it will not adversely affect the fortunes of the Kingdom, “says Yazghi.

“If Morocco reaches the voting stage, it will need 104 votes out of the total of 207 members of the football associations,” said the sports analyst. “It depends on the votes of some countries that have strong ties with Morocco, first and foremost the Arab and African countries “But will Egypt, for example, support the Moroccan file while benefiting from huge financial aid coming from the United States?”

He explained: “FIFA has closed its tongue in front of the threats of the American president because it is a strong statement in America,” pointing out that “some Arab countries will face a difficult test;

Because its presence and continuity depend on its relationship with the United States more than its connection with Morocco, Vote on the tripartite file “.

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