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Messi and Ronaldo absence from the best award


World Stars Criticize Messi and Ronaldo for their Absence from “The Best”

The absence of Cristiano Ronaldo, and the Argentine Lionel Messi, for the “Best ” awards ceremony, awarded by the International Federation of football “FIFA “, angered a large part of world football symbols.

Especially since the Portuguese were one of the three finalists to win the best player award in The world, and was previously absent from the EU “YUVA ” award for the best player also.

Names such as Italian coach Fabio Capello, former Uruguayan striker Diego Forlan, former Croatian star Davor Šuker, as well as other legends, drew sharp criticism of the duo.

Ronaldo and Messi and modric

Ronaldo and Messi

“The absence of Ronaldo and Messi?” said Cabello to the media. It is a matter of disrespect for gamers, FIFA and the entire football world. They may have won a lot and are not in favor of losing. But in life, you have to learn how to be good when you win, and when you lose. ”

Similarly, Jacopo Furlan was very angry about what he considered a lack of respect for the event and the status of the players as stars and said: “It is unfortunate. Messi attended the ceremony last year and never won. It is an event for every player and it is necessary to be here. Regardless of the identity of the winner “.

While describing the best player in the world after the Frenchman Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo in 1998, he described the player’s decision as far away from sporting behavior, saying: “You must behave like a man when you win, but more importantly when you lose.”

The Portuguese, Cristiano Ronaldo, was absent from the event and it was rumored that he made his decision to get comfortable before the next match for his current team Juventus in the Italian league, while Messi attributed his absence to “family circumstances” prevented him from participating in the ceremony.

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