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Zolati Othmane: 4 Years On The Road to Accomplish The African Dream

Today’s story is indeed an inspiring story about a young man from Morocco north Africa who had a dream, A dream That takes him 4 Years to accomplish, A dream he chooses to call him “The African Dream”.

Zolati Othmane, 24 years old unlike the majority of the Africans youths, He didn’t seek for the American dream or “Europe Heaven” as some Africans may call it, he has a different dream a dream took him away from his family and friends for about 4 years, with no big experience, or enough money.

Zolati starts his Journey on foot, bicycle, and skateboard, through 24 African countries by crossing the four corners of the continent.

He wants to share the experiences of how he achieved his dream of exploring these countries by making a documentary film. Through this, he hopes to inspire and encourage others also to chase their dreams, and to change their perceptions of Africa by showing what few people ever see or fully experience – the exotic beauty, thrilling diversity, incredible hospitality and ultimate humanity of this continent.

He has been recognized and awarded as one of the world’s best travelers at Dubai Travelers Festival in 2017. And also has been awarded “The 2018 Adventurer” of the Year at the Morocco Adventure Film Festival.

The journey of 4 years wouldn’t be done without an amazing photo exhibition about the beauty of Africa in Morocco, South Africa, and Dubai. the exhibitions showed numerous photos taken by Zolati himself.

You can support Zolati Othmane to complete his Film documentary on Kickstarter, to had a chance to win a VIP invitation for a 2 film premiere and other gifts.

Some of Zolati Video Projects

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D-23 23 days to go ! Thanks again to everyone who pledged their support for “ The African Dream “ project . The campaign has now surpassed 26%. With Kickstarter, it's 'All or Nothing', so hopefully we reach our funding goal and we can share this film project, which it can't be done without you. Please pledge your support to help bring this documentary film to life. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. If you've never used Kickstarter, it's very simple to register then pledge. When you pledge towards the campaign, you'll receive a link to with the film, a postcard a hight quality print of my limited edition photographs, and your name will be in the credits. check the link on my bio شكرا لكاع الناس لي عاونو و لو بالقليل فهاد الفيلم. اليوم الحمد الله وصلنا ل 26% ديال الفلوس لي تجمعات لي غتمشي مباشرة للإنتاج ديال الفيلم. تا حاجة ما مستحيلة بقات غير 23 يوم إيلا بغيتي تكون جزء من هاد المشروع و سميتك تكون مكتوبة فيه. بهاد المناسبة غادي ندير واحد الفيديو قصير حصري على واحد الدوار عشت فيه لأسابيع. كنتسناو الدعم ديالكم و لو ب1$ هاد السيت كيخسك يا إما تجمع داك الفلوس كاملة أو الفلوس كترجع لماليها إلا متجمعاتش فهاد المدة. نتمناو الخير 🙏 أي واحد حط شي حاجة راه كيحصل على رابط باش يتفرج فالفيلم، بوسطكارد، سميتو تكون فالفيلم، صورة من الصور لي كنحط فالمعارض… رابط الدعم فالبروفيل #MARAJ3INCH #africa #afrique #travel #travelers #instatravel #travelgram #love #photographers #photography #adventure #visiterlafrique #african #film #kickstarter #support #fundraising #Croudfunding #art #backpacker #Capetown #southafrica #Morocco

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Link of the full trailer on the Bio It's time to share with you the trailer of my documentary Film. Currently, I'm editing a 52min film. My plan is to first tell the story of how I realized my dream by traveling and surviving in this vast continent. Secondly, I want to heighten people's awareness of Africa, its diverse cultures, people and terrain. Stay tuned… Special thanks to Paula Zapata who made this trailer. جا الوقت باش نبارطاجي معاكم هاد الترايلر (فيديو قصير ديال 3 الدقايق فيه الخلاصة ديال الفيلم لي باقي جاي فالطريق) فيلم وثائقي لي غيكون فيه 52 دقيقة كيدوي على قصتي كيفاش بديت و كيفاش دازت هاد المغامرة ديال أربع سنوات بالحلو و المر ديالها، فيلم لي غيكون فيه جميع المعلومات و دكشي لي عرفت فهاد السفر على جميع الدول لي مريت منهم بالتقاليد ديالهم و كلشي. دكشي لي بارطاجيت ما هو غير شوية من بزاف لي باقي جاي فهاد الفيلم ان شاء الله. فيلم غادي يكون فيه دكشي الحقيقي كان كيدور ليا فراسي فاش كنت موضر و كندوي مع الكاميرا بوحدي، لقطات فيها أقوى و أصعب اللحظات و شنو كان كيخليني مكنستسلمش باش نوصل للنقطة لي بغيت… منطولش عليكم و نخليكم مع هاد 3 الدقايق. #MARAJ3INCH #Originalskateboard #gopro

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